Office Space Cost in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Brookfield commercial office space costs come down to location, amenities and terms. Longer agreements give the lessor security in having tenants, while shorter term lease agreements mean the owner is going to invest time into filling the space. Figuring out if a lessor and a lessee are a good fit is based on a lot of variables.

Short Answer: Let’s set up a talk-and-tour.

◉225 Regency Ct. Brookfield, WI 53045

◉245 Regency Ct. Brookfield, WI 53045

Competitive rates vary by amenities, most of our units have been built out to best serve various businesses. Business spaces that frequently entertain clients will prefer the highest end crown molding, carpeting, light fixtures etc. Any space not to your liking can be built out to your exact needs.

 A typical lease agreement includes:

  1. Rate (generally starting around $12/ft on the lower level up to $25/ft for premium amenities)**
  2. Build out costs (who, how, when)
  3. Length of lease
  4. Long term viability

 **We do have spaces that will go for above or below these rates depending on the other variables.


Costs & Benefits of Leasing Commercial Property

Office Space Rent Cost
Flexibility: Your business needs may change with time, being locked into a mortgage ties up capital and creates significant risk. Leasing keeps your monthly expenses predictable.
Brookfield Wisconsin Office Space Cost
Prime Location: You’ll want to make the decisions that are best for your business. This includes the best location you can get, with better access to clientele and quality employees.
Commercial Office Space Lease Rates Brookfield
Reduce Costs Up Front: For most business, foregoing a down payment is the cherry-on-top in the decision to lease.
Brookfield Commercial Property Lease
When you are a Hanning tenant, you are not a line on a spreadsheet. We’ll listen to your needs regarding space, financing, buildout options, and term length to develop a lease agreement that works for you.
Lease and rental rates vary by floor plan. Contact the Hanning Group today to tour available space. Contact Us Today